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84 Willis St — Commercial Property

Mesh Coatings were engaged by McKee Fehl to supply and install a number of systems on this inner city commercial project. Initially Mesh were engaged for the roof system only, however we were later engaged to carry out the plastered façade and plastering works to the exterior as we were able to offer McKee Fehl a seamless integration between the roofing and cladding systems.

The roof system, was an Equus De Boer Acoustic Roof System, which comprised a metal base deck, acoustic vapour barrier, 80mm Kingspan PIR board and 2-layer De Boer torch on membrane. We also installed powder-coated parapet cap flashings and other architectural metal work that complimented our roof system.

The plaster façade consisted of the Resene Construction Systems Lightweight concrete façade system to the upper levels. The lower levels were cut open to allow for floor-to-ceiling windows, however the building was out of level therefore Mesh had to provide a solution to align the windows by packing the existing structure to suit the new layout and then plaster the existing façade to match.

This project, which took approximately 9 months to complete, was a proud showcase of the skilled Mesh craftsmen who were responsible for the refurbishment of the entire envelope of the building (excluding the new windows and doors).